Charnwood Slow Combustion Fireplaces

 Charnwood Slow Combustion Fireplaces

Charnwood is the original stove manufacturers in the UK and continue to be the market leaders in their industry. Using the very latest in manufacturing technology, they source their materials and build their units within the UK. They operate to the highest EU and quality standards (ISO 9001:2008) enabling them to produce fireplaces that are exceptionally ‘clean burning’ allowing them the boast of producing some models that are clean enough for use within the ‘smoke free’ zones in high density urban areas of the UK and Europe!

This attention to quality, their consideration for the environment and their high ethical standards make us proud to be the distributors of this fine range of stoves!

C – Range




Power Output 5 kw

Power Output 8 kw

Power Output 9 kw

The C-Range offers the same high build quality as the entire Charnwood range. With options for ‘multi-fuel’ or purely wood burning the C-Range proves highly competitive in comparison to similar specification models.

Island Range

Island 1

Island 2

Island 3

Island 3 Slow Combustion Fireplaces

Power Output 7 kw

Power Output 11 kw

Power Output 16 kw

The ever-popular Island range showcases Charnwood’s eye for design coupled with efficiency. It’s name is a ‘nod’ to the Isle of White, the place of it’s birth just off the south coast of England. Double door option provides eye-pleasing symmetry and allows for a sizeable aperture to load through. Multi-fuel grate is standard with patented riddling mechanism for easy ash dispersal. Quattro-flow air intake is standard along with high efficiency clean burning technology to get the most from your fuel.

Cove range

Cove 2

Cove 3

Power Output 10 kw

Power Output 16 kw

The Cove range includes two exceptional models both with unique facets. Simple lines, single door and lots of glass to enjoy the fire. The Cove 3 has the largest log size capacity of the Charnwood range.

The calculation is as follows:

1 kw = 20 cu meters divide by 2,5 meters = 8 sq meters for a standard room
(Alternatively, to calculate the volume of the room in cubic meters, multiply the square meter area by the height of the ceiling)